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Wendell Davis with a piece we made.

I did cabinetry for a while for several people. The last wood worker I worked for was Wendell Davis. Great guy... feels like family. We crafted made to order tables dressers, cabinets, etc. We crafted them to traditional proportions, used planes and other hand tools for the old-fashioned look and feel. Then some orders were stain and oil finished and others painted with traditional milk paints and distressed. Wow, they looked great and were very functional. Wendell still does his hand made cabinetry in Hampton, CT. I loved working for him.

When I did wood work alone, It was a whole 'nother story. I use the wood grain, color, and texture to highlight form and line to express sensuousness, movement, flux, and emotion.

I carve bowls boxes, masks, figures. It was a time consuming passion with cool results. Wish I had my own barn and a million dollars........

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