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Presently, I teach five days a week. I teach at Rectory School and Pomfret School, both located in Pomfret, CT. I give lessons in Griswold and I also teach out of my house. In the past, I've taught at the Music Center of Norwich as well. All the lessons are one on one - private lessons.

My focus in teaching any student is to find out at what level s/he plays and how it is s/he learns best. I am interested in each student doing the best for who s/he is and the talents and skills s/he possess. I want each person to have fun with the process as well as with the outcome. External grades and comparisons become important only for my intermediate and advanced students who are ready to audition for all-state and regional orchestra competitions.

I strive to teach how to trust your inner guides. That may show up as something as simple as singing the melody, or not looking at the fingers as you play.


I get a lot out of teaching, too. I am learning about how people learn. Each student is remarkably different in how s/he hears, remembers, and learns. Some students just need to hear a piece once and they're off and trying to do it themselves. Some need to analyze finger numbers, others need to watch me do it before they feel confident to try it themselves. Some need each component of a passage (notes, bowing, rhythm, dynamics, etc.) broken down and slowed down in each of it's parts, isolating and mastering each component before combining it all together.

When I was a kid, I hated violin with certain teachers, while others opened my ears and heart to the wonder of sound and music. So, I know how important it is to listen to the students needs. I do a lot of encouraging and hopefully I inspire them to try hard, relax and feel good. I try to create fun challenges for my students, and I know the bottom line; music should be fun. If it is too much work or too scary or boring, no one will want to play, no matter how talented or good they are.

A musician needs a solid foundation of techniques and theory but not without recognizing the need to be creative and expressive. It is always a delicate balance between discipline and spontaneity. Each person must be treated according to his or her own needs, styles, strengths and weaknesses.

I want to show the student both the fun parts of music and the making good and fullfilling side. Music is a special kind of communication that bridges cultures and language. It helps us connect both to others and ourselves. Music keeps us young by challenging us and inviting us think and feel. It enriches our souls, our friends, and our lives.

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