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I play violin in five different musical situations on a regular basis. In the rock bands, I play an electric 5 string violin.

1) Solo classical. Listen to samples.

2) A piano and violin combination called Romantic Revival. The pianists name is Jim Bump, A wacky guy who tickles those ivories with chutzpa!

3)A string quartet called, Phoenix String Quartet.

4) Band of Humans , Darin Keech's eclectic musical group.

5) An acoustic folk duo, South Street Duo.

6) Yankee Dogs is an eclectic entertaining band, playing: swing, rock, folk, blues, bluegrass

As a solo musician, I enjoy playing for weddings, parties and receptions all around Eastern Connecticut, Southeastern Massachusetts, and Western Rhode Island. I suit my musical choices to the event and mood. The solo violin adds a subtle and soothing depth of atmosphere to outdoor and indoor occasions. Duets are also a favorite at weddings, for a little fuller sound. Please email me with any inquires.

Hear a demo of what I play. Click to see my Curriculum Vitae, vital statistics about where and with whom I learned my music craft.

Phoenix String Quartet has been serving the northeast corner of Connecticut for over 20 years. This professional ensemble brings the unique gift of live music to concerts, weddings, banquets, receptions, or dinners. The full rich sound of this quartet creates atmosphere with background music or adds emphasis to any ceremony. Your special event will always be remembered when you add that distinctive musical touch of sparkle, energy, and spontaneity. We use the traditional instruments of a stringed quartet, two violins, viola, and cello. Other various combinations of duets or trios can also be used if you have something specific in mind for your event. We use no amplification systems.
Romantic Revival offerd elegant music for receptions, museum galas, weddings, receptions, luncheons, and dinners... wherever people gather together. We enhanced social occasions with appropriate music for your event. We enjoyed playing music that is unobtrusive, intelligent, and tasteful. We did not use amplifications systems.

Our repertoire generally carried a "Palm court" flavor, evoking the society music of the Gilded Era. The selections were light, from early classical to romantic to modern eras; from Purcell to Porter. If your event is was tied to a specific historical period, we will select pieces accordingly.

James Bump is a professional pianist/accompanist and violist who works with community and church choirs, music studios and the University of Connecticut.

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