Lola Strings Bowed Instrument Makers & Repair
Lola Strings Bowed Instrument Makers & Repair
Lola Strings Bowed Instrument Makers & Repair
How to Care for your violin, viola or cello
Bowed stringed instruments are sensitive to how they are played and cared for. To keep your instrument in good playing condition and to help maintain the sound of the instrument, it is important to give your instrument proper care. This will not only help its value appreciate but it will also help the instrument speak with good volume and clarity.
After being played, the rosin dust should be wiped off w/ a clean dry cloth. If the rosin is allowed to build up, it will chemically bond with the varnish and eventually dampen the vibrations of the instrument's belly. The bow should also have the rosin wiped off the stick (not the hair!) daily.
Rosin your bow each time before you play. If you do not have enough rosin on your bow, your bow will slide across the strings and produce very little or no sound. Too much rosin can produce a raspy, scratching sound, and can result in rosin caking the strings.
Periodic Care:
Polish is rarely needed, and when necessary, only a commercial violin polish should be used. Do not Clean the violin with furniture polish or water. This could damage the varnish and acoustics of the violin (water could also cause the violin seams to open).
If you have an instrument that is stored or not being played for more than a month, Do not store your violin in extreme hot or cold locations. Changes in temperature and humidity cause wood to expand and contract. This can pull apart the glue seams and in addition humidity can cause the ribs to relax their curved form.
Loosen the tension on the strings at least 2 steps in pitch. This will lessen the stress and tension on the instrument so it will be less likely for the ribs to pull out or the neck to come unglued.
Clean your strings with a tissue lightly dampened with alcohol. Be sure to never let the damp tissue or alcohol touch the varnish!! Alcohol will ruin the varnish!!
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