Lola Strings Bowed Instrument Makers & Repair
Lola Strings Bowed Instrument Makers & Repair
Lola Strings Bowed Instrument Makers & Repair
About Us:
A partnership between Louise Muller and David Cockerline was formed based on a love of music and fine woodworking. We have both been involved in music and wood craft and repair for more than 80 years between us.
Louise brings a background of more than 40 years in stringed instrument performance, an extensive experience in woodworking, wood sculpture, instrument repair and building. Her woodworking skills started with an apprenticeship with Willis M. Gault in 1973 in Washington, D.C. A batchelors degree in Fine Art specializing in wood sculpture gives her a keen understanding of the rich properties of wood. Her performance experience gives her an intimate and first hand understanding of the ergonomics of the violin. She knows the importance and the big difference minute changes can make on the playability of an instrument. Exacting and correct measurements for string spacing and height and other issues are of key importance. She has an educated ear and recognizes the potential in subtle tone adjustments of the bridge and soundpost.
David comes from a background of precision, exacting bench work as a camera repair technician and business owner for more than 30 years. Additionally, he has had extensive experience in rehabilitation and restoration of 18th and 19th century homes, using all manner and size of woodworking skills. These skills translate directly into his meticulous work as a luthier and profound appreciation to preserve the original and authentic elements proper violin construction requires.

Both Louise and David have studied and continue to train under Maestro Hans Nebel, a founder member of the American Federation of Violin & Bowmakers, Inc, and member of the International Society of Violin and Bowmakers. Maestro Nebel teaches seminars in Western Massachusetts and Parma, Italy.
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